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Before you Follow

  • occassionally I draw and share NSFW content, including furry and feral NSFW

  • I "like" things as bookmarks, that means, if I liked something it doesn't automatically mean I agree with the tweet, it often just means I want to read it later

  • I mostly retweet content and prefer to avoid QRT, therefore I cannot promise to tag anything

Do not Follow

  • homophobic, biphobic, transphobic (including TERFs and BLERFs), people that do not support Non-Binary genders or other members of the LGBT community

  • racists or people don't support equal rights for BIPOC

  • antis, anti-ship or anyone who thinks its ever justified to harrass people over fiction

  • anti-kink people

  • sexists or ableists

  • pro-contact pedophiles or MAPs

  • pro-contact zoophiles

  • anyone who believes it is the artists job (past appropriate tagging/warning/filters) to prevent random minors from seeing adult content (as opposed to, oh i don't know, their fucking parents)